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Posted by Dave on 05 November 2005 04:46
Hi Guys. thanks very much for the kind comments. I will be putting up some new content and work very soon. I promise.

Posted by Botch on 28 October 2005 09:58
Love the site, Dave. Good to see you promote your incredible talent. Best of luck. Happy Halloween!

Posted by Tom on 21 October 2005 18:07
Dave, Lee has a point - do an art book. I'd buy it, and i am sure there are lots of others who would too ;)

Posted by lee on 21 October 2005 10:23
Awsome art from a awsome bloke.
You have a shitload of talent mate. Your colour palette is top notch. I have to say I am a fan of your art and I would buy your art book in a flash.
cheers Lee

Posted by Spence "Hubris" on 20 October 2005 21:58
Great site man! Look forward to seeing more of your outstanding work.

Posted by Rixy on 19 October 2005 01:52
Dave, site looks cool, I'll keep checking for updates.

Posted by sdkdmd [ John & Carol ] on 19 October 2005 01:34
Hey Dave, site looks great, miss seeing you guys this year, hopefully next year.
Still owe me one. hehe

Posted by Dave on 19 October 2005 00:43
Cheers guys. I will update my galleries. This site is a couple of weeks away from having full content on

Posted by Ems on 19 October 2005 00:28
Awesome - as I suspected it would be... I think you should put up your novel cover work and all the other gorgeous stuff I've seen of yours. Not nearly enough of your outstanding talent on show here yet...

Posted by Paul Calvin Wilson on 19 October 2005 00:11
It looks great! I look forward to future developments on the site, especially news updates.

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